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Top 5 Audit Softwares

Top 5 Audit Softwares


Entities falling under regulations are required to undergo auditing by an external body to ensure that they obey compliances, ensure quality checks, and provide reasonable assurance to all the stakeholders involved that the operations are running without frauds or errors. Deploying an agile audit management software simplifies the tedious process and allow engaged members to perform tasks in a desired time and frequency. It also helps generate immediate feedback and can be customized as per the auditor’s choice.


Salient Features Of An Audit Software

An efficient audit software must incorporate desired features like:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Auto-scheduling feature
  • Timely reminders
  • Facilitation of the creation of audit templates and checklist.
  • Creation and generation of informative reports in the desired format.
  • Prompt vendor support.
  • Providing a cost-effective solution.


Purpose Of Audit Softwares 

  • The automated audit software reduces the mental pressure of carrying out manual tasks.
  • It helps improve the accuracy of data captured during an audit.
  • Auditors are able to gain helpful insights throughout every process.
  • The automation helps eliminate ambiguities and provides a detailed report that helps identify areas for improvement within an organization.
  • Using an audit software also helps tackle the absence of an audit trail as entities are going completely digital.

With turnovers touching new heights and the size of the companies growing rapidly, automating the audit process with the help of software is the way to work smartly and efficiently, without compromising quality or ethics.

This article will list the top Audit Software tools to help you choose the best fit for your purpose.


It is the first choice for an Audit firm, with its excellent documentation tool and prompt support team.


  • It provides a proper tracking mechanism, a user-friendly dashboard, UI for maintaining client list, budget allocation, assigning tasks, invoicing and peer reviews.
  • The design has been created, keeping in mind stakeholders’ real requirements.
  • It comes with additional features like support for cloud storage, collaborative features for the team, fast retrieval of audit records, and cost-effective plans.

The list of helpful features are endless, and with the raving reviews of users, it is easily our #1 choice. You can also request a demo on the official website.


  • GenSuite 

The audit software provides online access to forms, customizable checklists and a repository for maintaining audit records.


  • Robust procedures.
  • Customizable checklists.
  • Effective incident management.


  • It lacks flexibility and the ability to customize audit workflow is challenging to incorporate.


  • TeamMate Audit 

The software comes with 30 dimensions of visibility and multiple audit workflows.


  • Compatible with various platforms.
  • Multiple customizations are possible.


  • When it comes to quick support, the software users have reported facing delays in response time
  • Lack of user manuals to facilitate usage.


  • AdAudit Plus 

The product is known for its simplicity, and provides real-time alerts along with detailed reports.


  • Simple to use.
  • Real-time and updated reports are available.


  • Its deployment process is cumbersome.
  • The method of up-gradation is prone to errors.



The tool claims to offer a lot yet keep it simple.


  • The software generates simplified audit reports.
  • Requires less technical expertise to use.


  • It lacks efficiency when it comes to modifying reports and creating new audit templates.


Effective audit software must assess the business and security risks and take appropriate measures to comply with the standards set by the organization and the regulatory body.

Choosing the best solution can eliminate auditing errors and generate a comprehensive report for improving internal business processes.

Hope this article gave a fair idea about the top audit software you could employ for your business, taking in mind the advantages and disadvantages they offer.


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